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With over 14 years of extensive experience in the plumbing and construction industry, Josh always envisioned setting up a business of his own. It was only when he came to know they were expecting their first child that he found the courage and motivation to take a step further.

Josh started Josh Elias Plumbing & Civil with a vision to establish higher standards of workmanship by providing honest and reliable services to all his clients. He firmly believes in creating a challenging yet friendly working environment for his employees to help bring the best out of their capabilities.

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Plumbing And Water Major Works Specialists

Having a team of Victorian and New South Wales registered plumbers on board, we have built a remarkable reputation in the plumbing industry. Our solution-driven approach and an aim to provide a personalised experience to each of our clients has enabled us to develop long-lasting and trust-based partnerships with our customers.

With a thorough experience in construction, restoration and repairs of pipeline systems for water, sewer, and stormwater mains; we take pride in having served countless high-end building and construction companies, local councils, and municipalities in Albury and Wodonga, North East Victoria.

However, our plumbing solutions are not limited to high-profile projects only, but we also serve residential and commercial property owners and strata management companies with equal passion and dedication. Before signing up for a job, we ask our clients about their specific requirements and expectations from our team. This gives us a better idea about how to execute each project in a way that we exceed their expectations.

What sets us apart is the fact that we consider every project an opportunity to make our service quality even better. After each job, we ask our clients for their valuable feedback which helps us reflect as to how and where we need further improvements.

As part of our commitment to always being there for our clients, a team of highly trained and qualified emergency plumbers is readily available to assist you in times of crisis.

Whether you need our project management services for your upcoming construction project, or you are looking for general plumbing solutions for your residential or commercial property, we’ll prove to be the right choice for you.

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