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Blocked Drains

Albury And Wodonga’s Trusted Blocked Drain Specialists

A blocked drain can be more than just unsanitary or inconvenient, they can be an indication of a much more serious plumbing problem.

If you notice slow drainage or foul odours coming from your kitchen or bathroom drains, call us right away. Our reliable blocked drain plumbers are ready to help!

Emergency Blocked Drain Services

With our plumbers available 24/7, there’s no need to stress when a plumbing emergency happens.

If you are a commercial property owner, our emergency blocked drains service will ensure your plumbing gets fixed without delay. We are mindful of the fact that your business needs to continue running smoothly, so we endeavour to minimise disruptions and get the job done quickly.

What Causes A Drain Blockage?

Ignoring a drain blockage can create serious drainage problems in your home or commercial space. A few common causes of drain blockages include:

Most of the time, the blockage isn’t deep, so with some quick action our services will not only save you money, but also prevent major problems such as flooding, sewer backup, or corrosion on your property.

How To Spot A Blocked Drain

Whether you are a business property owner, a homeowner, or a strata manager; being mindful about the upkeep of your property ensures it functions well for many years to come. Keep an eye on the following signs, and call our drain cleaning experts to have your drains checked for a possible blockage:

Our qualified and licensed drain plumbers have been serving the commercial properties in the Albury and Wodonga region for the past 14 years. With an in depth understanding of how drainage systems work, our services have gained the trust and satisfaction of our valued local customers.

Our Process of Blocked Drain Repair

Drain cleaning experts at Josh Elias Plumbing & Civil follow a standard 3 step procedure to provide you with fully functioning drains that are as good as new.

Step 1: Inspection

A free inspection to locate the blockage and determine the cause and severity of the problem.

Step 2: Cost Evaluation

Once the cause and degree of blockage are determined, our next step is to discuss the suitable solution and estimated the amount it willl cost to unclog your drain.

Step 3: Unblocking The Drain

Our drain plumbers come fully equipped with the latest drain cleaning tools and equipment that can provide you with long term solutions to your drainage problems. Be it an easy fix or a more complex job, our team is ready.

An example of this is when the blockage is deeper in your drainpipes. This often requires an entirely different approach to solve the problem. Overgrown tree roots or debris entering your drain pipes through cracks and holes can cause serious obstruction in your drainage system.

We use drain machines with the latest water jet drain cleaning technology to clear all your deep-rooted blockages.

In some instances where the drainpipe itself collapses, causing the obstruction; we suggest the property owner replace that entire section of pipe instead of going for a temporary solution.

Get in touch with our plumbing experts today!

Comprehensive Drainage Solutions

We are a one-stop plumbing solution for all of your drainage problems. Our comprehensive services also include CCTV camera inspection for locating blockages that are not visible.

We do not believe in playing a guessing game when it comes to fixing a deep-rooted drain blockage, but instead, we make use of the latest CCTV technology to save your precious time and money.

We have a team of experienced blocked drain plumbers; ready to serve you at any time of the day, 365 days a year. Along with our extensive commercial blocked drain services, we also provide preventative drain maintenance to save you from the nuisance that comes with a blocked drain.

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