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CCTV drain camera inspection

Save Your Time And Money With CCTV Drain Inspections

A Faster And Easier Way To Spot the Blockage

The first step to repairing a blocked or damaged drain is to locate the exact place of the blockage.

With the latest CCTV drain pipe inspection technology, our plumbers can quickly see into the pipe to locate where exactly the damage is. These purpose-built cameras are able to see into all types of pipe, due to their flexible nature and LED lighting.

With this process, we can determine the problem area quickly, and develop the best strategy to get your drainage system flowing.

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Why Are CCTV Drain Solutions The Best?

When there is a shallow blockage, identifying and clearing it isn’t a big deal. However, when the issue is deeper inside the drainpipes, CCTV pipe inspections prove to be the most convenient solution. Here are a few benefits;

Accurate Diagnosis

The real-time footage of the drainpipes not only helps in identifying the underlying issue, but also aids in devising a workable repair strategy. As a result, we can often start with the repair work without any delays.

No More Digging

Digging to locate the damage is a lot of work, can be invasive and damaging to your property. With CCTV blockage inspection, we no longer need to dig through your drain pipes to locate and fix the damage. Everything is crystal clear from our camera lens.

Saves Time

Being able to see what’s going on inside the pipes right away saves both time and energy.

If you are particular about your property’s upkeep, and want a fast and damage-free solution for your blocked drains, our CCTV drain solutions are exactly what you are looking for.

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How It Works

A simple 3 step process carried out by our experienced CCTV operators:

Accessing The Damage

When we suspect a blockage in a certain pipe, we insert a push rod camera into the nearest drain from the point of damage. This gives us quick access to what’s actually happening inside the drainage system.

Analysing The Problem

Once we go through the footage, our experienced drain plumbers explain to you the entire situation and the possible solution to fix your problem.

Building A Strategy

After pinpointing the exact problem and its location, we devise a plan to clear the blockage, and carry out the repair or replacement work if needed.

Besides being fast and convenient, CCTV drain inspections are accurate, cost-effective, and safe. With CCTV camera technology, you can find the deep-rooted obstruction in your drainage system and have it sorted without causing any damage to your property.

Feel free to talk to us for further queries.

Albury And Wodonga’s CCTV Drainpipe Inspection Experts

The qualified plumbers at Josh Elias Plumbing & Civil are trained to carry out CCTV drain inspections for commercial and residential propertiel across the Albury and Wodonga region in North East Victoria. Our state of the art equipment enables us to detect all possible defects in your drain pipes such as:

With our superior quality CCTV drain cameras, no damage is beyond our reach. Our services are readily available any time of the day, all 7 days a week so your plumbing emergencies are fixed without any unnecessary delays.

Dealing with constant pipe blockages? Have them fixed once and for all.
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