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Manhole Construction Services

We carry out inspections, modifications, maintenance and construction of manholes for sewer systems for your needs.

While the majority of our work is offered to construction businesses, utility authorities, and local councils, the scope of our work also extends to commercial property owners.

We specialise in delivering practical, sustainable and cost-effective manhole construction services all across the Northeast Victoria & Southern Riverina NSW regions.

Building Easily Accessible Manholes

Our team understands that manholes and inspection shafts need to be easily accessible during emergencies and for routine maintenance checks such as:

With over 14 years of experience in the plumbing and construction industry, our skilled team focus on constructing easy to access manholes for improved functionality.

We believe in providing a personalised experience to all of our clients, making sure your sewer issues are sorted once and for all.

Manhole Relocation Services

Our manhole construction solutions are not only limited to building new manholes, but our civil plumbers are also authorised to relocate & reconstruct the manholes.

We will start by carefully examining the existing manhole, and then drawing out a plan to move it safely and accurately.

In addition to this, we can also help you in getting approvals from the relevant authorities so your manhole relocation process can be started right away. We can even lower or raise an existing manhole as per your requirement.

Installation Of Inspection Shafts

Unlike manholes, inspection shafts are not meant to be accessed by humans.
They are built to carry out routine maintenance checks for the sewer mains via advanced plumbing equipment.

As part of our comprehensive plumbing solutions, we install new inspection shafts and also perform repair and maintenance work on pre-installed inspection shafts.

What Sets Us Apart

Locally Licensed Manhole Plumbers

Other than the local council's licensed contractors, no one can work on sewer and water mains, and manhole constructions other than the authorised contractors . Since our civil plumbers are Victorian and New South Wales plumbing registration holders, they are authorised to carry out manhole constructions, repairs and adjustments. Therefore, hiring us brings you the peace of mind that our work is fully compliant with the local regulations.

Commitment To Deliver High Standards Of Workmanship

In order to prolong the life of a manhole, it is important to protect the concrete shafts from corroding. As part of our manhole repair and restoration services, we install custom-built protective lining around the shafts of the manholes to protect them against corrosion.

Our tradesmen are fully equipped and trained to deliver long-lasting, professionally installed, and completely sealed manholes.