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Premium Rainwater Tank Installations For Homes And Businesses

High-quality rainwater tank plumbing services all across Albury and Wodonga in North East Victoria.

Rainwater tank setups are beneficial to both the environment as well as your bank account. Whether you are looking for superior rainwater tank installations, or your existing rainwater tank needs attention, we are just a call away.

Benefits Of Consuming Rainwater

Many people are familiar with the household uses of rainwater, such as watering the lawn or filling a swimming pool. Did you know that with a properly maintained, high quality rainwater tank, you can also use this water for drinking? Rainwater is naturally soft, clean, clear and free from additives – perfect for drinking if stored correctly.

Using rainwater for watering your plants, laundry, and for other cleaning purposes is an excellent way to utilise stored water. However, taking proper precautions is essential to maintain the quality of the rainwater that you store.

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Types Of Rainwater Tanks

The most essential component of rainwater tank installations is the tank itself. Different varieties of rainwater tanks are available in the market;

Underground tanks

Require minimal maintenance, can store maximum amount of water

Slimline tanks

Aesthetically pleasing and ideal for urban homes with limited space

Bladder tanks

Can be installed in the basements or under your decks, size can be customised as per your needs

Round tanks

Most commonly installed tanks, suitable for properties with ample space

Our qualified plumbers with over 14 years of experience in the plumbing industry can suggest the suitable type of tank according to the size of your property, available space, and considering your local council’s regulations.

Rainwater Tank Pump Setup

Along with your rainwater tank, you’ll need a custom-designed rainwater tank pump to maintain the water pressure while delivering rainwater around different areas of your property, including:

If you are planning to install a complete rainwater tank pump setup on your home or commercial property, just give us a call for a free site inspection. We can also install mains water backup systems for when the water in your rainwater tank runs short.

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Protection of Rainwater From Contamination

Protecting your tanks with mesh gutter guards is an essential part of our rainwater tank installation protocol. A mesh gutter guard not only prevents debris and leaves from entering the tank, but also keeps mosquitoes and other insects from breeding in your stored rainwater.

We also install rain heads on your downpipes that function exactly like mesh gutter guards and prevent pollutants from entering your tank after the first rain shower.

Quality Checks

You can hire our rainwater tank services for cleaning your tanks and conducting quality checks on your stored rainwater. As part of our preventative maintenance services, we also disinfect your rainwater tank system to ensure the water remains safe to consume.

Available 24/7

Our after-hours services are always there for you. In case of a plumbing emergency, you can reach out to us at any time of the day, 365 days a year.

To find out more, call us at +61 434 263 097.

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