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We are a reputed water major works contractors in the Albury and Wodonga region, with 14 years of experience in the plumbing and construction industry.

We provide sewer main construction services for large scale construction projects, and also offer our expertise for the following sewer main services:

Using state of the art equipment and following all the safety protocols, we take pride in demonstrating high standards of workmanship in every project that we deliver.

This makes us the first choice for builders and developers, local councils and sewer management companies all across the region.

Our 4-Step Sewer Main Installation Process

From project management to complete installation of the sewer main line, we leave no stones unturned to earn the satisfaction of our clients. Our 4-step sewer main installation process includes:

1. Design

The first phase involves determining the length and depth of the sewer main line and calculating the slope.

2. Excavation

The next phase is the excavation phase where we lay the bedding with proper elevation to ensure the sewage flows easily through the sewer pipes. A steep slope creates clogging while a shallow slope doesn’t provide proper drainage.

3. Sewer pipe installation

Afterwards, we carry out the sewer pipe installation where we install one section of the pipe at a time. We also make sure the entire installation process complies with the local council’s regulations.

4. Backfill

The last phase is to backfill the trenches after completing the sewer main installation.

North East Victoria’s Recognised Sewer Main Contractors

At Josh Elias, we are honoured to have worked with government departments, leading building and construction businesses, and major utility management companies for sewer main construction and maintenance in North East Victoria.

Our civil plumbers hold both the Victorian and New South Wales plumbing registrations and hence, they are licensed to perform sewer main construction and replacements on major construction sites. We are recognised region-wide for our ability to deliver cost-effective and eco-friendly sewer management plans for all our clients.

With a firm belief in building lasting relationships with our customers, we’ve worked hard to reach the point where we stand today. Based on our capability to handle complex and challenging large-scale construction projects, we’ve built a reputation that is hard to beat.

Sewer Main Cleaning Services

Heavy rainfall and blockages in the sewer main line often result in unsanitary drainage issues where the dirty sewage water floods the streets and also causes structural damage to the nearby properties. In such a situation, calling a qualified sewer mainline cleaner from Josh Elias can help contain the damage.

With advanced CCTV camera inspections, our skilled plumbers can diagnose and remove all kinds of sewer mainline faults and obstructions in no time. We make sure to clean the waste and debris after unblocking your sewer main line.

Our emergency sewer main cleaning services are available 24/7, 365 days a year to assist you in times of crisis.

Reach out to us at +61 434 263 097


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