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The Leak Detection Experts You Can Count On!

Water is precious, and so is your property. If there’s a sudden rise in your water bill, there might be a hidden leak in your property, such as a leaky or broken pipe.

At Josh Elias Plumbing & Civil, we have been serving the Albury and Wodonga region for over 14 years. Throughout our career, we’ve seen countless homes and commercial properties with ruined furniture and severely damaged structures; all due to water leakage from an unknown source.

Our experienced team can find leaks that are difficult to locate, before they cause irreversible damage to your property and your bank account.

Our leak detection services are aimed at providing you with faster water leak detection, saving you from spending your hard-earned money on repairs and replacement costs.

Leak Detection

Some leakages can be extremely risky. From collapsed walls or ceilings to completely ruined flooring or electrical appliances; the effects of water can happen quickly.

With our advanced leak detection system, we can easily detect underground leaking pipes without causing any damage to your home or commercial property.

Understanding the risk factors associated with water leakage and the potential damage it can cause, all it takes is a phone call, and we’ll send our leak detection services right to your doorstep.

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Indicators Of Water Leaks

These signs indicate there’s an unidentified leakage in your property:

If you notice any of these signs of leakage in your property, call leak detection professionals from Josh Elias Plumbing & Civil. The earlier we detect the water leaks, the lesser are your chances of facing a loss.

Fast And Efficient Water Leak Detection Services

Locating a large water leakage is easier due to puddles forming around the source. However, addressing a small leakage is equally as important as fixing a larger leak. If not addressed timely, it can cause damage to your property.

Keep an eye out for the early signs of water leaks listed above, and contact our leak detection experts before things get out of hand.

Reliable Leak Detection And Repair Services

Our leak detection techniques provide a lasting remedy for water leaks for all kinds of commercial properties across the Albury and Wodonga region. While we make sure your problem is addressed on time, there’s absolutely no compromise on the quality of the services that we provide.

From detecting the water leak to repairing it, we make sure to keep you in the loop. Our open communication helps us in building a life-long relationship with our clients, and that’s what sets us apart from the rest of our competitors.

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